Historical Archive

Thanks to these historical archives, POWER TRANSMISSION EUROPE S.A. is able to produce:

  • Gearboxes, speed increasers, cableways industries cinematic parts, gears, toothed couplings, geared spindles, screw Jacks and satellite communication antennas cinematic parts interchangeable with previously produced “Costameccanica spa” parts.
  • Supplying of spare parts for all “Costameccanica spa” realizations
  • Revamping and retrofitting of each gearbox and speed increaser produced by “Costameccanica spa”

POWER TRANSMISSION EUROPE S.A. is the sole and exclusive owner of the original technical/commercial archives related to the whole history of products created by "Costameccanica spa".

The property of “Costameccanica spa” archives allows POWER TRANSMISSION EUROPE S.A. to produce replacing parts without stopping the plant for doing the reversing engineering and granting the perfect interchangeability with existing.